Watching my days pass me by.

Like a tap, drip,drip dripping.

Waiting to run dry.

Searching for my gift, my place in this world.

My calling is calling but cannot be heard.

A life of waiting to I am bound.

Always tomorrow, never today.

Watching my body wasting away.

Hairs go grey, whilst I patiently wait to have my say.

Heavy weight on my chest blocking my way.

Living other people’s lies for too many years.

Soon my time would come.

My time in the beautiful sun.

Released from my paralysis.

By my angel the first time she looked in my eyes, I held her, I gave her a kiss.

First sight, first sound, first step, first frown, first word, first bump, first scrape, she never gives up.

My place, my peace, my joy, I see.

Being taught by the untaught.

Questioning each and every thought.

Is it mine or some one else’s ideals I’ve bought.

We show each other the way.

Now I find joy in each and every day.

Laughter, blood sweat and bliss.

Who would have thought my calling was this.

To surrender to the needs of another, to just be.

From the love of my child I found the true me.


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