Stuck on an island, eroding away.

Not knowing what to do, think or say.

My darling child nestled in arms.

Wanting to protect her from all harm.

Dark skies and stormy seas. 

In every direction is all there seems to be.

My love compels me to  leave and to stay.

Marooned on this inhospitable island fading away.

Knowing that through the darkness and cold. 

Is warmth and joy for me and my babe untold. 

If I can hold focus, let old ways go, our future is ours to unfold.

Mustering all intent of what must be.

Knowing this thing eroding is really me.

Fears desperately clinging for one last bite.

Before disappearing into the deep, dark, cold night.

Stay or leave it will result in the same.

Moving to bliss from a life now insane.

This island, this lonely cold place.

That I once called home is being replaced.

Joy, love and light.

A beautiful future deserved is now in sight.

In my mind’s eye, I see it is time to go.

Drop into life’s waters my babe and I, trusting its flow.


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