Happiness chains

In a world where there is no greater shame.

Than being sad, uncertain, depressed in pain.

Fake smiles prevail whist we die inside.

Lying to ourselves and others as our true feelings we hide.

Expressionless, emotionless, passionless we live.

Rarely any truth to give

Fearful of being ostracized, alienated, looked at like a freak.

Any thing less than a smile, a yes I’m great! will make you look weak.

By constantly seeking the approval of others, our true selves we smother.

No one living for themselves why even bother.

I emplore you, break the happy culture chain, embrace your pain.

Because surely by only smiling we’re driving ourselves insane.

It serves not me or you, it creates a world of empty sounds.

Because only when you embrace sadness can true happiness be found


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