Fat thin man

I’m a fat thin man.

Incapable of seeing myself the way others can.

My mirror never shows me the same. 

It only reflects my inner shame.

Huanting words of my youth. 

Soon ridicule became my truth. 

Drilled deep inside my brain.

The way I see myself will never be the same.

Tortured soul, crumpled in a heap. 

Too scarred to fight back, I would silently speak. 

Only air, no sound, lost words never found. 

Day in day out, put down, kicked about.

Eat too much, mirror tells its story. 

Always too fat thin for any glory. 

Pain filled view, fat hips, skinny arms, saggy tits. 

Work out, never stop, fitness freak…. 

Yet still a fat thin geek.

Mirror mirror on the wall do you tell any truth at all…


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