Tiptoeing through life so as not to disturb any of beasts we have heard.

They fight and bite and bully their way through.

Making us feel worthless.

Is it just me, oh not you too.

Whispering, cowering, hiding away, not wanting them to hear what we say.

No more the silent life filled with stifled pain, struggle and strife.

I have a child to show how to live her life.

How to just be.

How to survive in a world full of me, me, me.

She is my angel my treasure, my joy.

Fearlessly I will tread so that she will employ.

The same joy filled life that from my youth was stolen.

She will live big, bravely, brazenly.

No more serving those not deserving.

Our attention lost let them fade.

Let them swallow their own bitterness and rage.

Beasts alone in a cage.

Its all they will be.

Whilst the fearless like us finally fly free


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