My venture into poetry

Hi my name is Matt. I’m a full time parent to my gorgeous Betsy who takes up most of my time with the great gift that is being her dad. We have recently been through some tough times but have always found joy in the things that many have forgotten to notice any more.

Through it all my love of Betsy and her love of me has helped me deal with it all. With our finding joy in the walks in nature, feeding horses, squirrels and all kinds of bird. Spending time chatting with every one we meet. Fearlessly living and loving all whom we come across.

I am passionate about being true to ourselves and as such I have spent much time soul searching to find my self. I owe it to my beautiful girl to show her by example the way that I would like her to live, free from all the programed  misery that invisibly constrains our lives and decision making.

This has led to me start writing poetry bearing my soul and thoughts for all to see and digest. I hope that it will help provide thought provoking insights and connections with others who see the world the way that I do and  evoke some discussions with those that don’t.

We are blessed to live on such a beautiful planet that is sadly being torn apart. Fear, greed and hatred are making people isolated and the vulnerable exploited whilst corporations remove resources quicker than they can be replaced.

I hope you like what I share, I hope it helps some that feel alone feel connected and those that are lost feel found. Most of all I hope it creates a dialogue and discussion between both like minded and non like minded people and helps us all see the world more softly. Helping remove fear and hate and awakens a desire to help each other and start celebrating our differences.

My love to you all where ever you are.

Matt πŸŒΊπŸ’•

PS my grammar is often not the best so please bear with me.


3 thoughts on “My venture into poetry”

  1. Hi Matt! What an absolutely brilliant first post. I loved it! I could not agree more with your sentiments and you’ve expressed them beautifully. Your page also looks fantastic and you’ve done what very few bloggers seem to do- included a photo of yourself and Betsy- she’s gorgeous! As a mummy to three children it really struck a chord with me. I hope your troubled times are over and I hope your blog is a great source of comfort. Good luck with everything and good luck with your blog!

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    1. Hi Emma, thank you so much for you beautfil comments. They have helped keep my enthusiasm to keep expressing myself and my hopes, dreams and fears to the world. Thank you, I completely agree but as her dad I am of cause some what biased ;). Wow three children, I can only imagine the joy and I’m glad that my work has struck a cord with you. Sadly our struggles continue but having each other and a place for me to share all that is going on provides much comfort and I hope much inspiration for others. Thankyou for your good wishes and I look forward to keeping in touch with you and hope that you enjoy my on going works.

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